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Redfly Viewer & Memory Cards


New member
Oct 12, 2008
This may go better in the tips & tricks thread. Feel free to move this there if that's the case.

Off & on, I've had various issues with various Redfly drivers, beta & otherwise. The worst case was my GSM Treo Pro not being able to completely connect to the Redfly Viewer -- the viewer's error message indicated it didn't recognize any installed driver on my phone. The Redfly hardware was much more forgiving. Well, several days ago, apps on my microsd card started acting weird & the card finally died on me. I suspect it was slowly dying for some time. Anyway, that forced me to buy a replacement card & start reinstalling things, including my Redfly driver. And the viewer now works! So, it appears that even a slowly degrading memory card installation will make using Redfly stuff "interesting". ;)

You may have seen some public interaction with Colin & Laurie. I've also had much more communication with Laurie & Matt via PMs. I'd like to publicly commend all of them for their integrity & responsiveness. If only more companies were that customer oriented! Thanks.