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Reinstalled 8XT Image from Windows Device Recovery Tool - Roaming Issue Solved


New member
Mar 25, 2011
One of our 8XT's has always had an issue in that you couldn't switch the roaming settings out, they were grey'd out and therefore always set to 'don't roam'. Consequently, whenever the 8XT needed to Roam, it couldn't. Sprint coverage in my area is decent, so it wasn't much of an issue unless we went to the lake house as only Verizon works there.

So...once the phone recovery image from HTC was built in the WDRT, and a few of you had successfully used it, I went ahead and loaded a fresh image onto this 8XT today. Lo and behold, Roam settings are now 'white' and I can tap and change the settings.

Here's hoping HTC & MS work together to build us a WM10 image for the insider program...I know its a long shot, but maybe, just maybe we'll get lucky. I really have no desire to use an iPhone or Android...but will switch to iPhone's if we're completely orphaned...

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