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Arda Alan

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Jan 19, 2017
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i havent tried remix os,
but successfully installed ubuntu, also ran mint and chromium os from usb stick.
but the screen brightness is not working. i could not dim the brightness.

i also fully formatted the drive, (because its windows home version, and several unnecessary partitions on disk, recovery partition etc, and full of bsamsung bloatware )
installed windows pro clean , enabled bitlocker (bitlocker without a tpm, because windows can not detect the tpm in the device, although in bios its stated that there is a tpm ))) )

its like an ordinary pc, therefor you can install anything.

just a little note, you can not pass thru the bitlocker screen (if it is password protected) and if the keyboard is detached.
bitlocker does not provide an on screen keyboard.

although you can specify a bios password for the device.
and the bios provide an on screen keyboard.

Arda Alan

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Jan 19, 2017
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just search google activate bitlocker without TPM.
there are thousand pages telling how to do it.
its just a few steps in windows settings.

the bigger problem here is, although in the bios its stated that there is a TPM, windows pro can not detect it. )))
typical samsung...

by the way, i have returned my tab pro s, because of the screen flickering issue, and passthrough charging not working.
its just a useless device with these two problems.

i do not use samsung flow, its useless i think.
i formatted the drive, deleted all partitions, including recovery,
because the device comes with a lot of samsung bloatware.

and i installed windows pro clean. there is no bitlocker in windows home version, which the device comes with.
so you have to install windows pro first in order to use bitlocker.

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