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Remote Desktop stopped working all of a sudden for no reason


New member
Jul 25, 2020
I have been connecting to my Windows 10 Enterprise machine at work since the beginning of April and have been using it without any issues ever since then. It is my dedicated workstation that nobody else ever uses. All of a sudden, today, twice, it disconnected after which I had to get someone there to go over and reboot before it worked. Now, this has happened again for the third time today. In fact, I was working all morning without issues. This started happening around lunch time. And, now that there is no one at the office, I have not been able to get it rebooted. So, in effect, no settings have been changed on the machine. Unless there was an update today that I am not aware of. And, it is DEFINITELY NOT a change in group policy as we are required to connect using RDP protocol.

Any ideas as I need to use this machine come Monday.


New member
Nov 13, 2012
Pending Windows updates can interfere with VPN access and remote desktop. We've experienced the same at my company.

Our SOP now requires all users who remote in to their computers at the office to check for updates each morning when they connect; run any updates available, then reboot. If no updates are available, a reboot is still required to accept any new scripts we've pushed out to users.

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