Reordering Within Apps - Weird Issue


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Nov 20, 2012
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So I'm not sure where to put this but since I've only verified it happening on my 950 XL, I'll start here. It seems there is an issue with reordering things inside apps. I've noticed the same issue now with Wunderlist and the newly updated ESPN app.

When you get into the "reorder" mode in Wunderlist (long-pressing an item) and try to move an item up or down in the list by tap+hold and drag, it looks like it will work but then when you release the item, it bounces back to the original spot. I thought this was just an issue in Wunderlist and just left it at that.

Today, however, ESPN updated their app to support alert notifications (YAY, FINALLY!) so I was monkeying around with my favorites and wanted to reorder them. Now, when I try to reorder a team to any spot by tap+hold and dragging using their interface, the same exact thing happens. The item just pops back to where it was before, ignoring my new requested spot.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had an issue with this reordering phenomenon in other apps or in Microsoft's own apps.

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