Replacement 920 - Amber is nowhere to be found - GDR3 Preview


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Nov 2, 2011
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Original Phone: 920 running latest "Developer Preview" GDR3 release.

I had the dust in front camera and stuck-on-blue column of pixels issues, and received a replacement 920 today. I wanted to get the GDR3 preview on the new phone ASAP (mainly so I could use the WiFi during setup process and not transfer the SIM until I had everything as I wanted it on the new phone).

I think the camera came with the original November 2012 firmware, so before doing anything with the Developer Preview for GDR3, I ran the normal updater. It updated (2 updates showed the first time, I think?), then after restarting, I tried the Developer Preview app, but it said the installed OS version was too old. I checked the updater again, and it found 4 new updates, including a "Nokia Update." It installed all of those updates, then I checked the built-in updater and "Your phone is up to date." I then re-ran the Developer Preview app, and GDR3 installed. No issues.

After comparing the original and replacement phone (now both running the latest GRD3 version) to make sure everything was just right, I noticed the settings list was slightly different between the 2, then saw that the replacement phone did not show the special "Lumia Amber" text in the "extras+info" settings entry, and the various Nokia-specific items are generally lower in number on the new phone. The OS version (8.0.10521.155) and "firmware revision numbers" (3046......1326.0003) are the same on both original and replacement phones, but something is missing in that I don't have the glance screen entry in the settings list (and Nokia has slightly changed how they organize their settings -- "display+touch" on the non-Amber phone, separate entries for each on the phone with Amber, no Storage Check on the non-Amber phone). Everything seems to work fine (including Nokia Camera, which I thought was unique to Amber hardware...), but, still, this threw me for a loop, and I actually use the Glance screen feature quite a bit.

Any suggestions or similar experience? I'd assume that when Black comes out, that might take care of it, but that could be a while. Navifirm plus a wipe and flash to the ATT Amber ROM would do it, but I'd rather not go that route.

Also, I'm wondering how this happened, especially because I used the "check for updates" feature until it said none were available before installing the GDR3 Developer Preview.


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Jun 20, 2012
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Update the Nokia apps, like extras + info. You can find the qr codes online. Amber won't show up without them all being updated. Glance is also a separate app to download after Amber.

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