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Dec 16, 2008
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We just posted a substantial upgrade v2.01. It is so far a BETA only, but it was tested on many devices.

The final release should be soon. (We still have some improvements in mind for the Unpack Tool.)

The news in brief:

* Upload/download to FTP server
* Multi-level log of backup activities
* PIN code restore after auto-backup
* Registry Diff tool (allows tracing of Registry changes!)
* Higher speed and a number of other improvements

Desktop Unpack Tool
* Explorer-like interface
* Browse the contents of the backup set
* Files, contacts, e-mails, SMS, Registry etc.
* Selective extraction of specified data
* Export into csv and other formats

I know that several of you had problems with Stopping Apps feature. I have to bring down this is a controversial feature and there does not exist a 100% reliable solution. Whether you take Spb or Resco or Sprite etc. - the best thing these apps can do is to skip over an application that causes the problems.

(The explanation for programmers: If an app is waiting on a kernel object and another app is trying to terminate it, the result is a deadlock.)

I mentioned this because the new version contains very good log. If you get a freeze problem and switch on to the detailed log, there is a fair chance that the log will point to the culprit. If this is the case, we would appreciate if you told us what you saw in the log. (Or send the log to

BUT: If you switch on the detailed log, don't forget to switch it off later as the amount of the logged information is really large.

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