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Restore Data inside Apps on new Windows Phone

Piyush Gupta9

New member
Sep 14, 2016
I have bought a new Windows Phone after my previous phone died and want to restore data within Apps on the new Phone. After restoring the phone using Microsoft Account Backup, I have all of my settings and Apps sync'd on the new phone, but any data from inside the App is missing (Ex: Different notes in the Notepad App, Game level in some Gaming app). It looks like all the Apps are installed as fresh applications and don't have any of the old data.
Can someone point to a way to restore the data from within the applications from my previous phone to the new one.


Jan 27, 2014
Unless the apps/games offered some kind of onedrive/FB integration, what you're asking for is impossible.

The backup does not store data (well not for everything)


New member
Dec 11, 2016
well, "impossible" appears to be to strong a word. :wink: Let's say, the Windows 10 backup does not arrange for the transfer of all application settings.

But since we can access, via 3rd party tools (e.g. Interop Tools), the complete device directory, it may be possible copying either certain folders or parts of the registry.

I would also like to transfer the settings of a difficult to re-setup application. Does anybody have any experience in achieving this?