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Sep 29, 2011
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As part of the #TeamTECHKEY program I was asked to use and review the Aukey Graphite Lite Q Wireless Fast Charger (Model LC-C6). I have been using it for about a week now, and am ready to give my review. I am posting here as this is relevant to our Legacy Windows Phone users as well as those who have moved on to Android or iPhone.


This charger comes in a simple box, and includes the charging pad, USB cable (USB A to micro USB), and a simple instruction booklet (protip: you won't need it :winktongue:)



The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how small this charger is. I have been using some other wireless chargers around my house and office, and most of them are twice as big, or at least 50% bigger. Obviously if I looked at the specs I would have known the size, but I was just expecting a standard charging “pillow”. I like how small this charger is and how nice it looks sitting on a desk or table. The design is very minimalist, and looks like a much more expensive piece, especially comparing to some of the high cost (overpriced) chargers that are on the market. The top is a soft touch rubberized TPU, so your phone won’t slip around, but it also doesn’t seem to be a dust magnet like some of my other chargers. The perimeter of the charger is nicely finished to look like metal, but is plastic. There is a simple LED on the front that is red when powered on, and green when charging (blinks if there is an error, but I have never seen that). It is bright enough to notice what is happening at a glance, but not blinding so you could still put it by your bedside without it being distracting.


Obviously there isn’t much to say as far as function. It charges as advertised. I have used it primarily with an iPhone X (well two of them actually). It charges just as quickly as my Samsung chargers (Note: a wall adapter is not included so you will need to use an adequate 5V 2A brick to get the full 10W output, though the iPhone can only use 7.5W). I tried to find an app to verify the rate, but I wasn’t able to find one that was reliable. I did try a co-worker’s Galaxy S8+, and got the fast charging wirelessly notification. It does not seem to be as sensitive to placement of the phone as some of the other charging pads I have used. My wife has an Otterbox Defender case on her phone and has had issues getting it to charge correctly on other pads, but this one seems to always work without issue.

I can sincerely recommend this product highly, especially for the price. It is small, looks good, works reliably, is as fast as can be used by an iPhone, and is not sensitive to phone placement. It costs a fraction of what the officially supported fast charging pads cost, and the build quality is on par with those devices, not with the other “cheap” chargers you will find on Amazon, etc. My only complaint is that they don’t include the wall adapter. Most people probably have one hanging around, but if you only have a 1A adapter you will not get fast charging, it must be at least 1.5A, (which Aukey also has available, and would be happy to sell you). Also not a complaint, but something worth noting, is that the LED doesn't change or turn off to provide any visual indication that the phone is fully charged. That is not unique to this charger, but would be something I would like to see implemented across the board.

If you would like to buy one (or a couple) for yourself you can pick one up on Amazon for $16.99, and at the time of writing there is a 10% off coupon, making it even harder to beat for the cost.

Amazon Link

In interest of full disclosure, and if you don’t know how this program works, the product was provided to me by Aukey at no cost in exchange for my unbiased review.


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