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Saving files to a Lumia 640, how can I do this with out a problem?

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Saving files to a Lumina 640

I have recently moved from a BB10 to a Lumina 640 and am struggling with the basics :( One task I have to do often is have a pdf file open and a note open so I can switch back and forth quickly between the two apps. My problem is saving the pdf file to the Lumina, I sent the file as an attachment to my Outlook account when I open it I am prompted to save, however when I select this it seems to saving in the cloud somewhere and I need to save to the phone. I do not always have reception and need to be able to work off-line, also the cloud is horrendously slow with pdfs. Can anyone help me with this problem?



New member
Apr 2, 2016
Re: Saving files to a Lumina 640

If you press and hold on the attachment then save, it will ask you where do you want to save it (This Device or OneDrive), try this and update.


New member
Apr 26, 2016
Re: Saving files to a Lumina 640

Hi SFabio,
Thanks for your reply. When I select 'Save' it does not prompt me for a save location but immediately starts to download the document. It then states ' documentxxx.pdf saved to Downloads.' I am not using Exchange but the Outlook email that came on the phone Outlook.com.