Security System newbie - do these play with home automation systems?

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I just bought a house that has a security system in it. I have no idea what it does or how to leverage. At the moment, it just tells us what door or window is open, but I believe it can do more, and we can get a 3rd-party service to monitor our home as well.

My question is this. Before I invest a lot of time in it, do these types of systems play well with home automation systems? Are there certain security systems that are "app friendly" and integrate with other smarthome systems? And by any chance are they Windows/Cortana integrated as well? Thanks in advance.


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Jul 3, 2009
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It really depends on the system, and how old it is. Some of them even have their own apps, as well as integration with Alexa or Google Home, or both. Or Apple Home. Really depends on the system. I'm with you on doing research BEFORE investing money. What I would do is try using google (or bing) to search out the website of the manufacturer, such as Honeywell, Slomin, etc,


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Nov 30, 2020
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I have a question closely related so I decided not to ask a new one and just continue this thread. If it would be better to create a new one, please, notify me and I will create a new question. I joined the community not so long ago so I am not completely familiar with how things should be done here.
Anyway, lockdown made me understand that as I have a family we need some more space not to suffer from each other and we are moving to a house so here comes the security issue. I wasted a ton of time on the web already and so far it seems like a kit from Ajax security systems would be a perfect fit. But before I invest some money in such a purchase I wanted to ask you guys if you have some experience with this one or other security systems and what are the most important benefits and drawbacks you can point out.


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Nov 13, 2013
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Whilst I don't have any experience with such systems I am sure the main companies behind these sort of things may have something to help you. Chances are it won't have Cortana integration though.

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