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Windows 10, Creators update, Outlook 2016.

I've noticed that when using my HP printer, I can no longer scan to email as an attachment. Once that button is pressed in the HP software, Windows 10 tries to open it's default email program (in this case Outlook 2016) and it cannot and give error: "The HP scan application is unable to open your email application and/or cannot attach the scan to a new email. Please check your email configuration and try again."

It seemed to be fine before the creators update, so I thought it may be that HP software was messed up after the upgrade.

I then tried changing the Windows default mail app to something else and switching it back to try and re-associate the default Outlook 2016 app for email, and that did not work.

Now I am thinking it's actually Windows that is the problem. To test, I opened the Windows Snipping Tool and tried to send to email attachment from that menu and it did not work there either. That function does not involve the HP software at all, and only deals with Windows OS talking to Office 2016 to send the file.

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