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Sent an email to Jeff Bezos...and got a response!


New member
Oct 8, 2013
I had an issue with a recent Amazon product I bought not being compatible with Windows10.

I remembered seeing an article saying that any email sent to Jeff.bezos@amazon.com is actually seen by the man himself and he does act upon these messages. Personally I thought it was a load of nonsense but I took a chance and sent an email asking him to put aside the annoying and at times pathetic Microsoft/Apple/Google who can fart the loudest OS war, be the bigger company and show parity with all amazon customers regardless of their choice of operating system.

I actually got a response from an Amazon executive saying Mr Bezos had read my email and was going to share my feedback with the product team and look into making this particular product Windows 10 compatible.

Seriously, I did not expect that.

I wonder if bill.gates@Microsoft.com or Tim.cook@apple.com would work? And even if they did, would they actually bother to respond?

I think Amazon should offer training to other online/tech firms on good customer service


Jan 27, 2014
Well I haven't had the worst experience when it comes to their customer service. However I was helped by the actual service people, but you went a whole level above them lol