Sharing: An Open Letter to NOKIA, MICROSOFT and "other" WP makers.


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Aug 22, 2011
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Hi Everyone, sharing someone's open letter to MS and Nokia posted on fb.


Dear NOKIA, MICROSOFT and others,

It has been a while since I took delight in your products, let me correct that. It has been a while since I took delight in USING your products, for up to now I reserve a dumb phone Nokia 1100 just to host my old sim card. Primarily because of the aging Symbian OS you are now killing, a smart move, Kudos. It has been a dirty ride for you since the iPhone came out. I am writing this letter not because I despise your company and brand. I wrote this letter because I AM A BELIEVER IN WHAT YOU CAN DO AND WHAT YOU ENVISIONED IN DOING FORWARD, just like how you once have "it" back in the days of N5110, N3210, N6150, N7110, N8210, the **** I even purchased your N-Gage and N-Gage 2. The build quality is awesome and it lasts longer and does more than it promised. Up to now as what I have said, I still have your phones (1202-2 and 1110i) fully operational with the exception of 1110i with battery issue, but then this phone is 3-4 years with me (I lost count already). My point is you make very good phones and it is worth every cent i spent on it.

With the Nokia phones I have, I can say that you understand your consumer’s needs on a phone, dumb or smart phones. You made sure that the battery last long enough for the user to reach home and recharge again (looking at you HTC). With each phone's speakers loud enough you can host a party with (HTC, again!). And you design your phones without any fuss and with a purpose.

Let me make known to the world that I am using an HTC HD7 and make it clear this is not a hate mail towards them. This is the case of all phone makers who seem to not design a proper phone these days. My HD7 looks good, slim, and solid to the hands, visually it’s good. Some might argue it’s at top of all Windows Phone (pre-mango) released. But this phone's functional design is at its dumbest. This phone have what seemed to look like speaker grills on its top and bottom screen but is actually not a speaker at all, what
they are to me are dust bins which collects them and just gives you the difficulty to clean it. It also has this neat kickstand, in theory it is a great feature but fails miserably in practice (why it even has the difficulty in supporting itself). After two days of using their hardware I found other irritable things you (NOKIA) should avoid and improve on. I'll list them down;

1. Speakers I can hardly hear. That is why my alarm clock is my NOKIA dumb phone.
2. Battery and its life 6 hours use and I'm near death. I even have to turn off cellular data at the office to conserve power. My question is then how can it be a mobile phone if I have to stick to the wall to charge? I can't even use Zune on my way to work because I won't have enough power going back home. This is a terrible design and you should
definitely make sure to improve on. I have to buy a PowerSkin to compensate the
battery which ruins the remaining aesthetics it has.
3. The power and camera buttons and volume rockers buttons are too depressed on the phone you have to spend time with your senses to find them, such a waste of time.
4. The annoying haptic feedback that HTC says they can't shut down. I don't need to
explain search it on the web and I'm not alone.

The reason why I still have this is because I LOVE WINDOWS PHONE 7! It takes the smart phone to another level. It's an OS that doesn't need separate apps and can live on its tiles and hubs alone. The OS experience is what is keeping me stay with this rotten HTC hardware. What I am trying to say is now that you have a special privilege to produce a WP7 phone; this is an opportunity for you to get your hardware expertise to work. Now that you have a beautiful operating system it is your responsibility to host it in a beautiful
hardware. But beautiful must also be functional, do not take the route of amateurs (HTC! I'm looking at you with an endless stare of disgust!). If Apple can do it so can you. You have years of phone expertise in your belt far longer than what Apple can count. I am even contemplating of buying a Nokia X3 Touch and type if not for the Symbian OS. You still have the "jagger" and all you need is WP7's "swagger" and you got me and the rest of the world sold. Please NOKIA, these advises are not from a mere fan boy, I am a true mobile phone user. And I need you to step up to the challenge of creating us a superbly designed WP7 phone. That is what the world needs now.

And to Microsoft please be more engaged with your partners, it's good that you have more time to share with NOKIA but don't let other phone manufacturers ruin your hard work. I love Windows Phone 7 and I look forward to Mango and its future, but if your partners can't make you better designed hardware, you will be wasting your hard earned phone OS.

I hope this message goes trough everyone concerned. I appreciate that you are careful of your profits and your stockholder's fate. But it was because of your love, dedication and hard work to your products that made you great once. You have the experience and the history to excite us consumers. Fuel that "fire" again and everything else will follow. I am looking forward to SEA RAY. But I hope it is not too late to check my list and reconsider


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Mar 1, 2011
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From his list of grievances it sounds like this letter should be sent to HTC and not Microsoft/Nokia.

And who writes a letter to Microsoft and posts it on Facebook? He must of been really proud of his ability to create sentences.


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Jul 19, 2011
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this is just complaining about specific hardware features with no significance whatsoever. This can be read anywhere on the net. Nothing to see here.


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Aug 21, 2011
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I'll never get back the couple minutes it took me to read that... damn...

LOL. I love "Open Letter" threads. I thought it might just be a Precentral thing, but nope, I guess they are always just Rants.

I don't know whose job it would be to read letters sent to companies but I somehow doubt they'd make it past the first few sentences of a letter like this.

PS...No Offense to the OP. This letter seems written in a state of passion, which I can reeeally appreciate considering how many times we were screwed in webOS-land.


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Jan 13, 2011
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rant rant rant whinge whinge whinge

Yes i'd like a magic phone that lasts for a week like dumbphones but does so much more with a huge screen like smartphones, and i love you and your platform but im going to swear at you.

It's a bunch of complaints on subjective issues targeted at MS and Nokia but almost all about HTC.

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