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Shortcut for moving application between virtual desktops

Tomas Ausberger

New member
Jun 1, 2016

I like the virtual desktops you have added in windows 10, but there is one anoying problem for me to use them. I was using virtual desktops in debian where I could switch between the desktops and move application from one to another using shortcuts. I accept the shortcuts Win + D, Win + Ctrl + Left/Right, but I am missing shortcut for moving application from one desktop to another.

Could there be created shortcut (for example Win + Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right) the active window to left/right desktop?

Also it could be nice to create new desktop dynamicaly when application is on the last desktop and shortcut for the move to the right is pressed. And remove the last desktop when last application is moved to the left (or maybe even if it is closed). But the shortcut itself is more important to me.