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Should I buy a new laptop now or wait?

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I’m be going into 10th grade later this summer, and I’m not sure if I want to buy a new laptop now, or wait another year or two. My. The one I currently own is pretty much the bottom of the modern laptop barrel. Budget is probably going to be about $700-$900, planning on using it for gaming and college work.

me just saying

New member
May 17, 2020
buy it now and by the time you enter college you will need a new one. As far as gaming, imo, your budget is a bit low for a proper gaming laptop.

Ben Wilson

Staff member
Nov 6, 2021
Since the 13th Gen Intel CPUs and RTX 40-series mobile GPUs have started to release through various vendors, you can find some previous-gen laptops making their way into clearance sales. $900 might be a stretch for 12th Gen Intel and RTX 30-series, but you could find something a little older that still performs well.


New member
Mar 16, 2023
I'd say it depends on what you have right now. If what you have can get you through the next two year with no problem, then I'd recommend waiting it out so you actually have capable hardware when you go to College/Uni.