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Should I migrate to Windows Phone?


New member
Jul 19, 2014
Hello everybody!

Hopefully this is in the correct place! I have recently been keeping an eye on Windows Phone devices and have to admit I have been tempted to invest in one - the Lumia 930 and the 925 have caught my eye, however I have a few concerns.

I did briefly own a Lumia 720 last year however due to issues with duplicating tracks in music and freezing to the point where I couldn't turn it off or on again I decided to return it, but I am reasonably familiar with W8/WP8 as a platform.

My main questions are however firstly with the camera - now I know Nokia's have very good camera's built in and this is part of their main sales campaign, however I was wondering if the panoramic functionality had been improved at all? My Lumia 720 wasn't terrible at doing this, but the iP5S does do it better but I wondered if this had improved recently? Particularly with the upcoming release of 8.1? I'm not a huge photography kind of guy, but I do like to have a decent camera for the occasions when I am out and about.

Also, I was hoping to begin moving my music collection 'to the cloud', and as I have over 1TB of OneDrive space (courtesy of Office 365 :)) I have plenty of space to store. I was actually wondering, If I were to upload my music library to OneDrive, could the phone stream the music from there? I have read various reports that this could be an upcoming feature but I haven't found anything concrete.

Finally, battery life is a big thing for me which was why I purchased the 720 in the first place. I was wondering what people's experiences of this with various devices were and what people recommend?

Hope I haven't blabbed too much - and thanks in advance :)


New member
Jul 14, 2008
Your post is very well stated. I'm glad to see people do their research before jumping into something as new as WP. I have the ICON and love it so I think you would like the 930. The 925 is reported to be a good phone as well but it is going on one year old so it's not the latest specs that the 930 has.

I'll let someone with specific knowledge of your other questions give their 2cents. I think you would be happy but remember, WP8 is still a work in progress but many of your concerns have been taken care of.

CJ Thunder

New member
Feb 16, 2011
No streaming from OneDrive as of yet.

I've always found panorama to be a little worse on WP. I don't know why, but even photosynth has been a little disappointing...maybe my 1020 has too much detail to compute, I dunno.

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