Should you play The Division in 2018? Yes. Yes, you should.

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Dec 17, 2013
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Tom Clancy's The Division was a tale of missed opportunity when it launched 2016. Ubisoft didn't give up, though.
After some unprecedented hype for The Division, the game launched to relatively mixed responses. The Division is a role-playing game (RPG) shooter set in an apocalypse-in-progress, where a deadly plague has killed thousands and displaced even more. Anarchy reigns on the streets of New York City, and you're part of a clandestine government military organization set up as a last defense against complete societal collapse. Throughout the base game, you and up to three friends work together across a dark reimagining of New York City, battling gangsters, escaped convicts, and rogue military forces.
The leveling experience was solid, sending you into dungeon-like enemy strongholds, as you built up facilities to help survivors and improve your own abilities in the process. Sadly, though, many of The Division's systems didn't live up to expectations. But 2016 feels like an incredibly long time ago, and it's even more true for The Division, which, in 2018, is finally the rewarding loot-'em-up it should have been.
Here are some of my experiences with the new end-game.

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