Single Player DLCs?


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Nov 16, 2012
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Is it really THAT odd that I like FPS's but am not abig fan of multiplayer gaming? Between the immaturity and foolishness in the player-to-player dialog and just enjoying a more personalized gaming experience(?),multiplayer gaming just isn't that appealing to me. I stopped gaming for years and just recently got back into which may also have contributed to my not being as receptive to multiplayer gaming, I do however love FPSs. The shift toward multiplayer gaming has resulted in most games either delivering short campaign modes or no single player modes at all (I returned Titanfall) and focusing on multiplayer. Are single--player DLCs even a thing?

Does anyone else prefer a non multiplayer FPS experience? Are there still games out there that offer extensive or at least longer than most campaign modes? I play PC games too so any PC suggestions are welcome as well.


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Nov 12, 2012
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I like single-player FPS experiences, although I don't have an Xbox in the house, so PC suggestion stuffs here...

Halo PC (but beyond that, Halo Custom Edition. Oh boy, there are single-player mods/maps up the wazoo from campaign maps with twists to completely new fanmade campaigns. It's mind-blowing what people have gotten out of the old game)
Halo 2 Vista (bit finicky, but still cool)

Deus Ex (original, and Human Revolution - not quite FPS, more RPG-stealth-think-y)
The Nameless Mod (complete Deus Ex-based campaign, a mod, but a terrific full game in itself. Knowledge of DE1 best bc jokes and stuff but its very strong by itself)

of course, everything Half-Life

Don't think many are really single-player oriented these days.

Keith Wallace

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Nov 8, 2012
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Borderlands is best enjoyed in co-op, but the latter two games in the series just came out with plenty of DLC content on the One, and they can be played solo. I believe the upcoming CoD: AW DLC has single-player content. Dying Light isn't classified as a FPS, but it somewhat plays like it, and you do eventually get guns. It can be played alone, and DLC will be coming soon for it.

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