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Skype shows messenger contact as "not on your contacts list"


New member
Jul 29, 2013
About a week ago, Skype starting saying that two of my contacts are not on my contacts list, and refuses to show their status. One of these contacts has been on my list for many, many, many years (both are old messenger contacts).

I only use Skype for IMs.

The problem is, I can click the "add to contacts" button that it gives me in the chat window, but nothing happens. I've tried updating my desktop app and it does nothing to fix the problem. This morning, one of the two contacts has now disappeared completely from my list. WTH! I've logged in on the web and it shows the same thing. I cannot delete them and re-add, either. That ends in the same situation I have currently -- "this person is not on your contacts list" (how you can "delete" a contact that isn't on your list to begin with, I don't know.. but let's not go there).

The main issue is that one of these contacts is someone I message every morning via Skype. But now, I don't get notified when they begin a conversation with me, even if I'm logged in to Skype. I have to open a chat window with them for Skype to notify me of new messages. This is incredibly annoying, and I may just quit using Skype altogether if I can't get it fixed. I only permit Skype to allow people on my contacts list to message me. These people are not on my blocked list, either.

I have the anniversary update to windows 10 on one of my PCs (Surface Book that I do not use for Skype) and I'm still on 1511 on my main PC. The person I message regularly also has Windows 10 build 1511 on a Surface Pro 2. I'm at my wits end. I've posted on Skype's support forums, but it doesn't seem like anyone ever responds.


Dec 31, 2012
Skype is undergoing some changes to improve the reliability of the product and this is causing a few issues along the way.

The Messenger contacts are somewhat old and perhaps you can add the person you Skype with by adding their Skype name instead of their messenger email.

Equally, I would recommend using the Skype desktop app rather than the Preview one in the app store as that appears to be unreliable. I Skype many times daily and have tried both.

Check for Skype updates too. Some people are stuck on older ones or have the update option turned off. Check your contacts are on a recent version of Skype too.