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slooksterpsv Intro


New member
Feb 12, 2014
Hi all,

I thought I would go ahead and do the introduction as I'm not really new to the Windows Phone, but to it's communities yes. Currently I purchased the Nokia Lumia 521 from Target for Brightspot (T-Mobile) and I love the interface. Being that I'm a hardcore, diehard fan of Android, I felt the fragmentation was getting a bit overwhelming. I'll explain here in a bit first:

I've had 3 other Windows mobile devices; a Toshiba e335 (pocket pc), a Moto Q9h, and a Lumia 822 from Verizon. The Toshiba e335 I used to play around with cause at the time touchscreens were an amazing thing, that was approx...12+ years ago? Next after college I got a Moto Q9h from Sprint and... phew... this phone had issues like none other. It constantly froze, it would drop calls and freeze, I tried adding an SD card as others were saying that fixed it, nope, not for me. It was fun when I had it, the apps were good for what I used it for, and I even tethered it as I didn't have internet at home. After that phone I got a BlackBerry (had it for 6 months then went to Android). Skip ahead to just last year may I got the Lumia 822. I loved the Camera, I loved the interface, but the lack of apps I had come accustom to at the time made me feel I made a bad decision in picking a phone. Plainly, the apps I used on Android weren't available at the time for WP8. Besides I was always on the go looking to play games on my Android that weren't available. Now just 3 days ago I got the Lumia 521 (quite the downgrade yes, but still a neat phone).

Let me start by saying, I do love Android, I love the direction Google is heading with it, but I need to be fair. I'm giving WP8 a chance because I think it has some neat features that Android could use overall. I am a developer. I don't do mainstream development, I just play around with things I code in my spare time. Currently I'm working on a game in SDL called Toadeki. I'm a Linux fan, elementary OS is my primary distro.

So why did I choose WP8, here's just a few reasons:
1. I missed my Lumia 822 cause the camera on that was just so freaking good.
2. I like the UI layout.
3. It was inexpensive - for $90 I got the phone and a month of service with $50 every month for service.
4. I already have the other devices I want - New computer, and a new Nexus 7, so why not a WP8?
5. Apple makes me cringe due to its ethics regarding 3rd party developers, and it's consumers.

Other notes about me:
I'm a computer geek. I love computers. Umm... I guess ask and I'll say.