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So replacing the Surface Go?


New member
Sep 3, 2006
I know the Neo can replace my Surface Go, but can it also replace my 13 inch Dell XPS?


New member
Feb 11, 2013
I don't think they are replacing Surface Go with the Neo. It's going to be too expensive for the Go users. I would think with the release of Windows X next year might see a new and updated Go (maybe with ARM).


New member
Nov 18, 2013
Just got a new Go this week, part of a 'rewards' program. I also have a Surface 2 Pro (Running Windows 10), Pro 5. The Wife has a Pro 5, Surface 2 (Running Windows RT) and two Go's. Never even knew about Neo, but the Go's work well for internet surfing, The Pro 5's for the heavy lifting.


Mod Emeritus
Mar 1, 2011
I could see the Neo replacing the Go. However, what makes me hesitant is the (likely) high price of the Neo. Assuming there are multiple hardware tiers, the lowest I'll go is around $749. And that's just a guess because we still know very little about what will be inside. I think a lot will depend on where Microsoft wants to shuffle it's current userbase. Microsoft could attempt to further diversify their ARM offerings next year with a Pro X 2 and an ARM powered Go 2, which would probably use one of the 7c processors Qualcomm recently announced. *fingers crossed* And maybe 64-bit emulation will be ready by then. Thus making the low end Surface Pro the spiritual successor to the Go. That would shift Go users, or even those looking to buy a Go, to a higher tier device if they need to stick with Intel. Or maybe Microsoft introduces a Go ARM and Go Intel. There are just so many ways for this to go. Either way, I do think there will be a reckoning and certain product lines will get the boot. (I'm looking at you, Surface Book)


New member
Nov 15, 2017
I suspect there will be something else to replace the Go considering its pull factors are not only weight/size but also low price (for a Surface) as HeyCori mentioned. What I personally think what will be revealed next year, a Go-sized (or similar) Surface with either:

- a 7c Qualcomm cpu, would make sense for excellent battery life and to push windows on arm.
- a new Intel pentium, atom or m/y cpu. Versatile and battery life and/or performance bump.
- a new AMD apu / cpu (/7nm). Versatile, very good for a gaming tablet, performance bump and likely battery life increased.

I am actually hoping for the latter since it would be a good replacement for my Pro 1 I mostly use for playing indie/older games. Such an AMD cpu would mean we can (probably) play for example the Firaxis XCOM games which have touchscreen support (at slightly reduced graphics/resolution of course).


New member
Jun 14, 2011
This definitely doesn't replace the Go as it will almost certainly fall in a different price category (I'm guessing around $1000 USD). I would argue that this doesn't across the board replace any device. It's just another option. I plan on getting the Neo primarily as a flexible on the go device. The main use case I'm thinking for me when it comes to this device is for music I keep in a OneNote. If I can easily swipe between pages, then that's a huge win for me. Additionally, I could see this as being a nice travel PC when space comes at a premium.

Like any new device, it's going to be up to end users to find their use case and if they find it, buy and use the device.

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