So what can an iPhone do that a WP7 doesn't


Mar 3, 2011
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Any WP7 shortcomings vs. iOS for me are just related to app availability.

While traveling recently, I had to use my wife's iPhone to check into our SWA flights, get talking turn-by-turn nav, access my Wells Fargo acct, etc. I hope these are non-issues over time.

As far as experience, the iOS always seems like I've taken a step back. Even my rooted Nook Color w/larger screen takes a back seat to my Focus. WP7 currently offers the richest smartphone experience, hands down.

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Dec 1, 2009
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Not true. There are 3rd party browsers that can force desktop view, and of course you can do it by jailbreaking. Even without these tricks, the mobile and full view URLs are different for some sites. Just bookmark the full site if you prefer that view.

shouldn't have to do all of that just to be able to have the full view of a site and in some cases it'll still redirect. on wp7 it just involves a simple trip into settings and ur done and don't have to worry about being redirected

True, unless you jailbreak or use 3rd party camera apps. Of course, it should be pointed out that you can change the phone settings in WP7, but you can't save them.

but they still can be adjusted, I can see why MS did this. HD videos can take alot of space, again I shouldn't have to jailbreak to be able to do something a simple camera can do
Not true. The iPhone camera takes 720p. The camera's sensor is 5mp, same as current WP7 phones. Not sure what a "high resolution" pic is, unless you're trying to say that 5mp on a WP7 device is better than 5mp on an iPhone.

iPhone doesn't have Zune Pass, true. damn straight it doesn't ,that's why Zune is worlds better than iTune$. that reason alone

Not true. You can use either Apple's lossless uncompressed format, or you can use Apple's compressed format. Most of my music is in mp3, and believe it or not, that works just fine too.
still aren't as small as a .wma pro file where u can get sound superior to an 192 mp3 at just 64k and 48khz. try to play an unprotected .wma on an iPhone or iPod. it won't let u

You can't earn Gamecenter achievements on a WP7 device. ;) I'm not an XBox user, so this is irrelevant to me. Obviously, one of the big attractions for WP7 is the excellent XBox Live integration. It's not too different from the advantage that Android has with excellent Google integration, or the advantage Apple has with excellent Apple integration.
wow what a knockoff of MS system. oh well imitation is a form of flattery
True, but I've never needed to. I leave the house in the morning with 100% charge and routinely return home each night with 60% or more charge left. And that's with wifi turned on all day, bluetooth turned on all day, brightness set at a realistic level, push email turned on, and Gmail sync turned on. On every other phone I've tried (except a Treo or Centro), you have to be more judicious about setting up the phone for maximum battery life. Not with an iPhone. yea but u can't do any kind of battery conditioning by totally draining the battery and then recharge it unless u want to be unable to use the device

Really? So what? OK, you can't use an Apple dock connector charger on any WP7 device.
who would want to use such a bulky non standard connector, this just shows that u have to buy Apple approved accessories
Your list above shows that your priorities for smartphone use are oriented around media usage, and primarily in a Microsoft-centered world. That's fine, and congratulations -- you're smack dab in the middle of the WP7 target demographic. WP7 fits your priorities better than iOS does. This doesn't make iOS a poor choice for everyone else.
my points are in bold above.

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