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So, what's the front facing camera like on the 830?


New member
Jan 18, 2013
Enquiring minds want to know!

They spent so long talking about taking selfies with the 730 yesterday they completely glossed over the front facing camera on the 830!

So, the specs say it's a 0.9MP F2.4 camera which, quite honestly, sounds terrible.

The 920 has a 1.2MP F2.4 camera and it's just about passable in good light. Drives me mad that my 8X had a much better ffc almost two years ago yet now all my iPhone toting friends can take better selfies. :/

So, on paper it sounds very disappointing but has anyone got any hands on examples we could compare?

I'm not a selfie addict but they're a huge part of apps like Snapchat and just life in general on nights out etc. that it seems like a huge mistake for them to shove such a sub-standard sounding ffc into their "affordable flagship" and then chatter on about how much the care about taking good photos...

I was all set on the 830, everything else is fine (removable covers and MicroSD ftw! Don't really mind it only being 720p and a snapdragon 400, even if 1080p and an s800 would have been nice), but the 920's ffc annoys me on a regular basis and I don't want another 2 years with a terrible front facing camera. Even 0.9MP would have been fine if it was at least F2.0, fingers crossed it's better than it sounds.

Just for once it would have been nice for Nokia to just put all their tricks into one device instead of doling them out one per device...


New member
Feb 25, 2012
that camera is not that bad, it just has the minimum amount of pixel for make a standard hd video!
in fact, 1280x720 (hd video) = 921600, so 0.9 million, so 0.9MP. Maybe its the same sensor of Lumia 920 but instead of being circular it can be rectangular, with less pixel wasted and the same image quality.

The real problem in this phone is the CPU, its the only element that could make it a phone that you can use as a flagship for 2 years :)