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Dec 27, 2019
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6 vegetables scraps that you can regrow

We all know what will happen to our kitchen scraps once we’ve finished our cooking: into the garbage bin, or more effectively, into the compost pile they go. But what if we told you that you can regrow some of the vegetables? Read on to learn about out 6 vegetable scraps that can be easily regrown.

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After you’ve cut off all the leaves and stems for cooking, you can place the remaining roots into a water bowl and leave it out in sunlight for a couple of days. Make sure you don’t submerge it in too much water as it can rot. Once the root starts to sprout new leaves, it’s safe to plant it in a soil container. Keep watering it and give it a few drops of plant feed every week to have an unlimited supply of fresh celery in your kitchen.


You can regrow all kinds of lettuce using the same method as the celery. In fact, you can even get quicker results with this vegetable by keeping the main stem intact. Just take away the outer leaves and put your lettuce back into the soil. Water and give it nutrition, and your lettuce should grow back its leaves relatively quickly.

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Instead of picking off or even throwing away your sprouted potatoes, you can try to grow them to make the most out of these potatoes. Cut your potatoes into small chunks, leaving each with a few eyes on them. Then put your potatoes away to dry for a few days.

Plant them in your soil container and expect to have your fresh potatoes readied in two or three months. Make sure you give them good fertilization by providing the best of products from Amazon Prime.


You can start having your self-sustaining garlic garden right now by planting your garlic cloves into the soil. Wait for it to germinate and grow out of the cloves. Give your garlic water and lots of sunlight so it can grow faster and bigger. And if you notice some stalks, just cut them off so that all the nutrients will come back to the roots, making it bigger. Once you’ve finished growing them, just cut off the stem and you’ll have your fresh garlic for cooking.



Scallions are quite easy to regrow once you’ve harvested the stems. Just put the roots back into your planting soil and start watering. The plants will sprout new shoots within a few days, and you’ll have your scallions for cooking in no time.

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A lot of people usually look for tomato plants when planning to have them in their garden. But the fact is that tomatoes can easily grow from their seeds, and you don’t even need to find the best products from seed stores out there.

Just cut a thin slice of the ripe tomato that you get at the market, and make sure the slice has seeds in it. Then plant it on your soil, and it’ll start to germinate and sprout relatively quickly.
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