Someone tried Nokia8110 or Nokia1? Looking for a feature phone (with long battery life and WhatsApp)


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Mar 21, 2018
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Good morning. I'm searching for a mobile phone to use in the job, and I'm thinking in a feature phone. I need just the most basic functions, and I'm a very fan and nostalgic of classic Nokia's phones.

The most important is have a good battery life, not the tipicall "one day battery" of current smartphones. And it would be perfect if it has WhatsApp, GPS and camera.

I have seen that Nokia released the remake of the 8110 4G, which uses Kai OS, that is supposed to support WhatsApp, and, as the web says, the battery hangs at least 25 days.

Someone has tried this mobile and can give some experience about it? Any information will be thankful.

The other option I'm considering is a Nokia 1, which uses Android OS, but I'm not sure if the battery life is at least so good or not. If someone can tell me something about this other phone, I will be very thankful too.

Greetings and thank you very much.


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Apr 7, 2019
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Go for the Nokia 8110, It's a fantastic phone for your usage as it's a smart feature phone and comes from a very famous brand Nokia we can trust on it. Recently I was also thinking to get this one but then I've changed my plan for some other reasons. Nokia 8110 looks very unique and beautiful as it has a curve design with sliding mechanism.


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Feb 8, 2013
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Can't comment on the 8110, but I'll just give a warning about Nokia which may very well be premature, but worthwhile pointing out to any unsuspecting buyers.

For a start neo nokia has basically nothing to do with old nokia. Yes, there's some ex-employees, but that's part of the marketing talk to try to justify some sort of lineage. When it comes to the manufacture and support, that's all foxconn, well was foxconn. At the start of this month, reports have emerged that foxconn is basically leaving the smartphone market, allegedly pulling out 90% of its employees, and no longer taking any orders from most of their customers. Their reasons were poor margins, and basically making a loss on the devices they were selling. This meant that where foxconn was the exclusive manufacturer, now hmd (neo nokia) are going to go to other manufacturers to make their phones for them.

While HMD had been pretty good with updates, a lot of people have been critical that the pie updates have introduced a lot of bugs, meanwhile many phones haven't received monthly security updates for a few months now.

I suspect that foxconn was doing the software support for the phones, they probably are winding that down drastically, and these events coinciding is probably no coincidence. Support is where android falls apart. None of the manufacturers want to spend money on it, because they've already sold you the phone, and there's no direct profit from supporting older phones.

Budget phone, well, you know what you're more or less going to get, but having bought a nokia 8 recently, it's annoying, because I just get the feeling that it's going to become an orphan. Hardware is great, but software is left wanting. A few bugs here and there, camera could see some major software improvements (gcam ports do improve the photo quality), and also annoyingly is a really aggressive app killer which is baked into the system.

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