SP3 and Pen issues.


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Nov 21, 2016
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Hi all,

I work in an enterprise environment that has Surface Pro 3s deployed to multiple people throughout the facility. One of them in particular has proven very challenging. It is a Surface Pro 3 that has the latest firmware pack and Windows 10 build 1607 on it. All of our Surface Pro 3s have the same firmware and same updates on them. For this user, any time he connects a Surface pen to this device, it does not work properly. We have tried multiple pens, and they each have the same effect on this Surface Pro 3. The pens work on other Surface Pro 3s issued to other users.

When it is connected, the pen registers properly for maybe 10 seconds if you do an initial pairing for it. Afterwards, it is completely erratic and inconsistent. If you touch the bottom left of the screen, it registers on the opposite side of the screen, further up. It almost seems like the input registers in reverse. It is not possible to complete the Surface Pen calibration tool that is built into the OS. I'm beginning to think there may be something wrong with the digitizer for this Surface. I hesitated to write that because I did not want to lead anyone who may be able to help into suggesting this without considering other things I may not be aware of. has anyone else experienced an issue like this? If so, what steps did you take to resolve it, and did you reach a solution that worked?

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