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I am having a real time finding a good protection solution for my SP3. I'm a teacher, so I have middle school kids running a round my device a lot, so I need SOMETHING. However, at my job I really use my SP3 in every possible configuration. I need to protect the aluminum on the back and sides both from small drops or scratches, but I also want to preserve the kickstand's functionality FULLY (I want the full range of motion, not a poorly designed secondary kickstand provided by a case itself). I also have the type cover, and want to be able to fold it behind entirely, but also use it the way it's meant to be used.

It seems like all the solutions that are relatively rugged (I'm not going to be dropping it off of any roofs, but it could get knocked off a table) limit functionality in some way.

Ideas? I have been hemming and hawing on Amazon for over 2 hours... I'm not opposed to modifying a case. Help!!

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