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SP3 + Windows 10 update issue solution....


New member
Jul 24, 2014
Hey guys just wanted to put this out there (TP build 9879), recently i noticed that whenever i tried to access windows update and some other areas of the control panel it would just cause the window to freeze and just leave me with a frozen window wherever it was placed on my screen. If i tried to access updates via the charms bar it would just leave me with the spinning dots forever turning.

The solution was to go to the charms bar and search for "installed updates" i then uninstalled two "KB2xxxxxxxx" updates that were in the list (for some reason it was the only two windows updates that were actually in the list" I then rebooted and windows update was working again and successfully updated right upto today. I checked back on the installed updates list and it now shows all the updates again (over 100) so for some reason the two updates i installed were causing all kinds of problems for my SP3.

Hope this helps anyone having similar issues with the Windows 10 TP build - Adam


Retired Ambassador
Jun 8, 2013
Yeah, that's an issue for all of Windows, not just Surface. I thought they fixed it in later updates though. Hmm....