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Aug 7, 2013
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My SP4 has had a tough time of late. It died a few weeks ago, I found the problem to be a blown zero ohm resistor, got that replaced, tried the sp4, everything worked fine. No touch screen issues.

I figured as i has the screen off I'd replace the battery, that was fairly straight forward. Started back up only to fine I had torn the LCD cable. Bought a new one and my SP4 was working again! Well, Now I have touch screen issues. There are two vertical bars, one on the LHS and one right of centre. I've tried the fixes i've founf, none have worked. What's making me think this is software is the size of the dead zone is dependant on if your dragging into or out of the zone.

This pic shows the strangeness of my issue. The red lines are starting from a good section going into the dead zone. The blue lines are starting from the middle of the dead zone heading into the know good area. Why the difference???

If i need a new screen so be it. I have a new 1Tb SSD on order and I'd like to get everything sealed back up for hopefully a long time.

touch screen.jpg
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