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Jul 27, 2008
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Anonymouse said:
It does have TouchFlo 3D

This is yet another formidable addition to our Windows?based smartphone/PDA device line?up. The new HTC Touch Pro? combines all the performance and functionality of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with the convenience of a slide?out QWERTY keyboard and a 5?way navigation key. Create and edit documents in Word and Excel?, view PowerPoint? files, filter your Inbox, and stay connected ? securely ? with your office via Wireless Sync or ActiveSync?. Take advantage of Wi?Fi connectivity, Bluetooth? Wireless Technology and its 3.2 MP camera w/flash and video capture. Use it as a tethered modem with BroadbandAccess Connect, find your way with VZ Navigatorsm and stay entertained with Windows Media Player. The Touch Pro is the ultimate no?nonsense mobile productivity tool for the busy professional. Features
EV?DO, 1X RTT Capable (Rev. A capable)
Windows Mobile? 6.1 Professional
Microsoft? Office Word Mobile, Excel? Mobile, PowerPoint? Mobile; and OneNote? Mobile; Adobe? Reader? LE PDF viewer
View, edit, create Word; Excel files; view only PowerPoint, PDF files
Browser: Opera? Mobile
Windows Media? Player 10
******Memory: 512MB Flash/128MB RAM***************
Wi?Fi Connectivity (802.11 b/g)
Bluetooth? Wireless Technology (v2.0)
2.8" Display: 480x640 pixel VGA resolution; 64K color support TFT?LCD
Touch?sensitive LCD display
Portrait and landscape orientation
Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard with 5?Way Navigation Key
3.2 megapixel camera with flash, auto?focus and video capture
microSD? memory slot (up to 16GB)
Voice command capable
Security locking features
Text, Picture and Video messaging (MMS)
Wireless Sync capable
ActiveSync? capable (v4.5) and Windows Mobile Device Center?
BroadbandAccess Connect capable
VZ Navigatorsm Capable
*****HTC Touch FLO 3D Navigation**********************
WorldCard Mobile ? business card reader
TTY enabled for the hearing impaired
Hearing Aid Compatibility = M3

Dimensions: 4.17" (H) x 2.04" (W) x 0.71" (D)
Weight: 4.94 ounces
Battery: 1340 mAh
Usage Time: Up 250 minutes OR
Standby Time: Up to 350 hours
SAR: Head: 1.43 W/kg; Body: 1.18 W/kg

Not sure 128 MB RAM would be enough for TouchFlo, WM 6.1, and other programs. Perhaps that's why Verizon has it disabled by default (if reports are true, and according to that picture). Or perhaps Verizon just disabled it to make it look more familiar and businesslike.

I'm still hoping the 128 MB of RAM is a misprint (like maybe the guy saw 192, figured it was wrong cuz it was an odd amount of RAM [128+64], and figured it was supposed to be 128?)

I was about to order it until I saw that. Now I'm gonna wait until confirmation of the RAM, and whether or not GPS is unlocked (or unlockable).

I can live with 192MB (Verizon previously reported specs) instead of 288 MB (Sprint/AT&T/Altel), since it is still 2/3, but 128 MB is ridiculous (and more expensive too????), and would only be 45%!!!

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