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Jul 27, 2008
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One big thing that I could not get used to was the slide out keyboard. In theory, it sounded great but as I used it, it was to much trouble for me and how I like to use a PDA phone. Other than that (well and the fact that it was thicker than my Moto Q and now Q9c), it was a nice PDA and had a decent phone. I really had no problems with the phone quality, but could not comment on BT. I only kept mine for a few weeks and then determined that I was really a keyboard "on top" kinda guy.
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All indications are the Pro will replace the Mogul at Sprint later this year. I would wait (I am waiting on both the Diamond and the Pro before I buy anything else) until they arrive. Then, if you still like the Mogul, you will be able to get a good deal on one.
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