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Jul 27, 2008
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devonair said:
Good luck with the Fuze. I've tried playing with it at an ATT store and went nuts waiting for TouchFlo to catch up with me. It may not be pretty, but I'd much rather kill the flashy UI and work with the standard WinMo interface. Have you disabled TouchFlo at all, and does it improve performance? screen rotation equally as slow with TouchFlo off, too?

Does the mail client support IMAP IDLE? I have an older WM5 device, so get by forwarding my Gmail to Mail2web (and then get push via Activesync). I wish there was a better, more straightforward way to get push Gmail on a WM device. If the mail client supported IDLE, that SHOULD take care of that problem... but I don't think I've heard anywhere that it does. =( I'm jealous that so far Google seems to have released all of their best syncing apps (Gmail, Cal and Contact Sync) for Blackberry instead... Android excepted, of course...

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