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Jul 27, 2008
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arcane469 said:
first I would set it on my HTC Fuze shrine and turn it on. I would bask in its glory as I was able to witness the initial installment of the bloatware. Once it was finished I would give it the respect it deserves and tweak all the extra that was effecting its performance. During the course of my continuing life there would be much blogging, over 3G and wifi connections. This would include pictures, silly and serious. There would be pictures of my brainwashed iphone carrying friends as they realized that I was watching TV, or even (gasp) sending an mms to someone whose phone could handle the awesomeness of receiving such. Once I hit the level of national fame, I might even take my HTC Fuze to Macworld and make them all jealous. Don't get me wrong, I would definitely have to ditch my blackberry first. This would not be hard considering that my glorious HTC Fuze is capable of synchronizing with all the programs on my mac that my blackberry does. That's it, one click and all of my contacts, appointments, notes, and such would be transferred over to my HTC Fuze. How AWESOME is that! Well, that's how I see it anyway.

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