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Hey guys,

I'm pretty sure you guys don't deal with this sort of thing.
I'm hoping you can bring this issue to light to help others avoid the same fate with the Lenovo 2 in-1 laptops.

I've had a torrid experience with a Lenovo Yoga 900 and an even worse experience with their warranty and repair service

The laptop screen cracked from my hand hitting it, yes that's right, its never been dropped and doesn't even have a scratch and the touch has stopped responding.

Lenovo wanted 2,700 for the repair which is ludicrous

They promised a fair repair cost after I complained and it took them a month to reduce the cost from 2,700 to 2,500 RM.

This is the full story

To everyone wondering about whether to purchase one of Lenovo's new 2 in 1 Laptops, especially with the Yoga 910 and other new Ultraportables coming out, let me save you the trouble by saying " run away " this is coming to you from a seriously distraught Lenovo Yoga 900 user who once thought of it as being one of the best ultrabooks.
The problem is not simply the cracked screen but the circumstances in which the screen itself cracked.
I bought my laptop in Kuching, Malaysia from Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd at Vivacity Megamall, mid-august paying 6,000 R.M (1430$) which is an extremely large sum of money which I assumed at the time would be worth it considering I was buying what was promoted as a high-end 2 in 1 Ultrabook and was getting an official Lenovo warranty for the aforementioned Laptop.
Just over 2 months into the purchase and all was going well with the laptop, one day the laptop was on the bed beside me and while simply switching sides on the bed, my hand struck the laptop while it was in tent mode and la dee dah the screen cracked from one corner of the laptop to the other and the touch doesn't respond in one half of the screen and as I will post in additional pictures, the rest of the laptop is without a single scratch, as it has never even been dropped and is always kept in a laptop sleeve ( Provided by Lenovo- thanks for that I guess ).
This meant one of two things, either I was in a boxing match with my laptop or the build quality of the screen was so shoddy that it gave way to a puny side swipe from my hand ( I've had tempered glass on my phone that is stronger than this ).
I understood that despite the shoddy build quality I would still have to pay to repair the laptop screen as no matter what it would still be classified as " Physical Damage "
I took the laptop to the official Lenovo Service center in Kuching.
Connexion Marketing, situated at Hakka Avenue Estate.
After 3 days, in which I received no feedback I called them and after being kept on hold for what felt like a life time I received my quotation.
2700 RM, I'll clarify in words, TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED RINGGIT (650 $), dollars because I plan on sharing this on more than just the Lenovo Malaysia Page.
Aside for the mind numbing cost of repair, they told me it could take more than a month and as I was returning to my Homeland after the end of the university semester in December, that I could only pick it up when i returned, which was in February.
Needless to say, for a student on a budget who already exceeded his budget to buy the laptop in the first place, a laptop he thought was the best laptop for It's features and the cool suave it possessed, the cost of the repair was simply too high.
Not that Lenovo would care, would they ?
Save your money, go for something less flashier and more reliable with a screen that's tougher than a toy, especially if you're a student because you'll need your laptop 24/7
Lenovo just like all other manufacturers will sell you a laptop, maybe even a defected one and later charge you through the roof to repair it, pointing to numerous clauses and terms in the warranty.
The poor, laughable screen quality of the Lenovo convertible series combined with ludicrously high repair charges are why I ask you to stay away.


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Dec 23, 2013
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Hi, you have had a bad experience, that's fair to say.
However I don't think one suspect Lenovo 2 in 1, that you admittedly damaged (whether accidental or otherwise) should warrant advising people to avoid the manufacturer.
The cost quoted for the repair is high, but I would imagine other manufacturers for similarly priced devices may have similar repair quotes.

IMO you should put this down to experience.
Also maybe take out some sort of protection insurance in future, for highly priced items.

Sorry this isn't the response you probably wanted, but it is just my opinion.
Good luck with your repair. (If possible can you try a 3rd party repairer? It may be cheaper).

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