Steam gamers adopt Windows 11 much quicker than everyone else, but why?


Dec 9, 2023
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Many non-technical users out there have older computers that are incompatible with Win 11 but work perfectly fine for their low-impact usage on Win 10. They will likely use it till it stops running or can afford to buy a new computer.
The requirements are more strict this time down to the hardware level and thus have limited immediate adoption greater than previous versions.

The Werewolf

May 4, 2014
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It's also a case where Win 11 breaks so many workflows at such basic levels. The new start menu means throwing out all the muscle memory you have for the Win 10 start menu - and finding things that aren't what Microsoft thinks you want is amazingly painful. The new right click on the desktop means 2 or more clicks for many tasks that used to take one and finding those tasks in the new submenus. You can't pin the taskbar to the left or right, so if your hand knows to go to the top left for the start menu, that's going to be a constant annoyance.

Then there's all the dubious 'new' features like tabbed file explorer windows. Does EVERYTHING have to behave like a browser - and badly at that? Why is the power button in the start menu - but the settings button in the popup on the RIGHT side? Oh while we're at it - WHO though a centered taskbar was a good idea? Did Microsoft completely forget about Fitts' Law?

AND THEN there's the ads... the hardware restrictions... the loss of so many functions people relied on with no real replacement because since they were baked into Win 10, there was no reason to replace them...

In almost every way, Win 11 feels like a panic redesign in exactly the same way Win 8 was Microsoft panicking over the belief that everyone was going to switch to the iPad, and in exactly the same way, I'll wait for Win 12 in the hopes that like after Win 8, Microsoft regroups, stops acting like it's lost its collective minds and after Win 11 they step back and rethink this mess that literally NO ONE asked for.

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