Stereo recording resulting in better TellMe functionality and Bing Music...?


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Aug 15, 2011
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*DISCLAIMER: I have an AT&T Lumia 920 without Amber*

Back when the Microsoft TellMe team announced that users should see more accurate, faster results, I noticed them.

Was it faster..? : Yes
Was it more accurate...? : Yes

But I still found myself wanting more accuracy. For example, prior to the TellMe server improvements, I would say "Note: Pay the dish bill" and it would NEVER get it right, and even after the server update it still didn't get those types of things right: it almost made it seem like the improvements they had made feel like nothing because speech still wasn't that functional to me (in the way I needed) due to rate of error.


A recent article said that the Amber update unlocks stereo recording (AGAIN, I DO NOT HAVE AMBER ON MY ATT 920), and when I watched the sample video, I had realized the the functionality of sound input had improved (resulting clearer OUTPUT of sound through the video). I didn't pay this video any mind until I used TellMe speech one day (immediately after receiving an extras+info update about 2 weeks ago) and noticed that it had gotten me right for the first time. I kept trying it because I couldn't believe it, and it kept working (and has been).

I know the article says Amber unlocks it, but I honestly think the extras+info update unlocked the use of the 3 microphones: how else would I notice immediate improvement before receiving Amber? Amber may have included the extras+info in it, or maybe people got the extras+info after they installed Amber (with Amber being installed on that person's phone causing Marketplace to recognize that they needed the extras+info update since they were running Amber now).

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed these improvements as well (way after the server updates), and with the recent update of Amber and extras+info update. Has speech been more accurate?


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Dec 31, 2012
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It may have simply been the result of continuous improvement on Microsoft's servers. They are trying to improve this. It is not impossible for Nokia helper apps to improve audio quality though. We rarely know what tweaks are really being made behind the scenes. You'll probably never know the real answer.

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