Still no Wifi apps for Windows Phone?


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Jun 3, 2014
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I've been with Windows Phone since the beginning with the Lumia 900. I've since switched to the Lumia 820. I would love to have a 930, but I live in the US and use AT&T. I would upgrade to the 1020, but why, when WP8.1 devices are coming out with the new sensor core technology, WP8.1 native, and the best possibility of getting the Denim firmware update.

But none of that bugs me as much as the fact that I still cannot get a simple Wifi app like I could with Android.

On Android, there is an app called Wifi Analyzer. It will show me all the different wifi networks in the area (not by mapping known networks, but by searching for wifi networks within range). It will then show me signal strength, channel, and even encryption protocol. It gives me a graph of signal strength overall, or over time. And it has a signal strength "beeper" where it beeps faster the closer I am, and slower the farter away I get to/from a specific wifi radio.

My searches for this kind of Windows app return nothing but apps which have "wifi" in the description even though they are not related to the wifi radio or connection, or apps which act as nothing more than shortcuts to the wifi settings. (which you don't even need on WP8.1)

My question(s) is: Why are there no wifi analyzer apps? Is this because of hardware access restrictions for app developers? What about apps which show simple wifi connection data (SSID, speed, encryption...) for the network you are connected to?


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