Strange syncing problems with OneNote, any help?

Eric Gooch

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May 30, 2016
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Strange syncing problems with OneNote

I've been having some truly bizarre problems lately with OneDrive and am trying to figure out what's going on.

This is in Windows 10.

I'm not syncing all of the files in my OneDrive, I'm just syncing two directories. One of them is called My Transfer.
This is the one I use when I want to send files to OneDrive cloud.
I use the desktop app, and copy a file from my local system to the OneDrive directory on my PC.

I see the transfer start to take place right away...the icon on the taskbar changes, and when I hover, it tells me that the file is transferring.
The file transfers successfully, and I see it on the web version of OneDrive, in the My Transfer directory. So far, so good.

Now, I want to move that file from the My Transfer directory to another folder on the cloud.
I have a directory called Client Transfer where I put files I want to send to clients, usually by sending them a link.

Here's where things start to go bad...I right click on the file and select "Move to."
In the panel that pops up on the right side of the window, I select the directory I want to move the file to, and select the Move button at the top.
It tells me it successfully moved the file.

The file is now removed from the original My Transfer directory.
I also see it disappear from my local drive, which I would expect, since I just moved it.

But when I go into the directory I just moved it to, it's not there.
It's not in the Recent folder.
It's not in the Recycle bin.
It's gone.

Now it gets even stranger: I then grab the file from a folder on my local system, and drag it into the browser window to try again using the web version.
It tells me that it can't move the file there, because that file already exists! Only it doesn't. It's not there.

I'm given an option to copy the file with a new name, and keep the "original" one too. (That doesn't exist).
When I say yes, a new file appears. Guess what? It's the wrong file.
It's an old file that's completely different, that was previously deleted.

What is going on?

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