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Streaming and SlingTV for W10M


New member
Dec 31, 2007
Hey Dan,

Television video Streaming services are popping up everywhere. Big players too: At&T (DirecTV Now), Sony (PlayStation Vue), now YouTube TV and probably Facebook. Lots of articles comparing them.

But my question is: what works in W10M? And maybe your readers would like to know too.

Best I can tell, our beat hope is SlingTV, who had app in the past, but ain't working now. If I recall correctly, they even said they were working a UWP for phone, building off of Xbox, etc. That was in November, I think. So maybe you could phone them up and update us all. Please!!!

As of now, if I got this right, no streaming apps anywhere work on W10M. I'm hurting.

And while you're at it, what's up with HotSpot Shield? It ain't working these days. A good VPN goes hand in hand with streaming if you travel.... An article on Mobile VPNs?