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Feb 18, 2014
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Got tired of waiting for W10 through ATT, so I downloaded W10 through the preview. I was an insider for 8.1 and I didn't have many problems so I hoped it be the same. Boy was I wrong. Haha. I absolutely love W10 so far with all the new features and such, but if my email, Bluetooth, outgoing pics, and back ups would work, I'd keep it. Without this stuff, my phone is useless to me. I've been patient, but now I've gotten to the point where I just can't do it anymore.

I went to do a factory reset, and it crashed on me. Absolutely won't do it. Turned it off and on and resets, nothing. Im just curious about the production option on the insider, would that take me back to a previous build and get me off 14295? Or keep me on this one? Would it be better for me to go back to 8.1 (and how would I go about doing that) or should I jump in the fast ring or production build? I love W10, I'd love to stay in the preview if possible, so any feedback would be appreciated!

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14295 W10 slow ring build.


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Apr 4, 2016
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Stick with 8.1 and be patient if you want stability and have everything working. Remember when you install insider that it gives you a warning about it being unstable and that there's no guarantee it'll work. It's really a do at your own risk thing.

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Jun 9, 2015
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Ok, so this will boot me back to the old OS, in my case OS 8.1. Is production build stable in that it is useable...ALL of it? or should i just stop being impatient?

If you choose production ring, you will end up 10586.218, which, as expected is the current OTA version. It is pretty stable, with just minor irritations reported.

I used to be a mad insider member, I grabbed every fast ring going. It was a hangover from my Android days. With the 'Redstone' builds, I have kept a vast distance. These builds are in their formative stage, and should be classified as 'Alpha'. Bug reporting is somewhat subjective for the majority of them, because although a device can be identical, what you chose to install can be very different and throw up oddball bugs. The bluetooth bug is reported by many so that is to be taken seriously.

If I were you, I'd stick with 8.1 or try the production ring

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