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Suggestions for Screen Protector?


New member
Mar 7, 2015
Hi! I've been reading about screen protectors and reviews for the SP3 from various forums. I currently have the NITRO Clear Screen Protector (iShield) but its not too perfect as even though it is clear, it doesn't work too well with the pen (its a bit sticky). I would have liked to buy the Surface Pro Screen Protector, but I live in a country where we do not have Microsoft Stores (I just bought mine imported).

So I am looking to find alternatives. Currently, I know of the following:

  • ZAGG Glass - mixed reviews. Some have said that this works good for pen, but degrades touch quality (some have even claimed it makes the screen goes around places). What all can't deny though is that its one of the most expensive choices.
  • XTREMEGUARD - mostly negative reviews. There's very few that I saw that gave this a good review. Most reviews complain about the screen protector not being the correct size / layout.
  • Illumishield HD - this seems to have generally favorable reviews. Easy to install and clear as if it weren't there. I think it affects the pen a bit, but was said to be OK once it gets a bit oily (from touch).

Anyone suggest any other brands or share your experience with yours?


New member
Oct 14, 2014
I got a screen protector with a 'skin kit'. Cehap nasty, difficult to put on and bubbles. Got the official Microsoft one - went on really easy and no bubble at all. IMO, worth the extra cost.