Surface 3 and email/wifi issues


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Feb 8, 2013
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First off I want to start off with the email issues, see if anyone else has a solution or has had this problem before.
My wife and I access our email through Hotmail). We don't use the mail app because it is ****, as well as other reasons.
Problem is when we go to,, it comes up saying server not found. This is in IE and FF both. I can then go to any of my desktops on the same network and access these websites, I can get on a laptop and access it via wifi. I can remote into my server and access it. All of these work perfectly fine except on the Surface 3. Every other dang website works! Every single one, random websites, my normal ones like windowscentral, Slashdot, engadget, msn, yahoo, steam, every single one works, just not or

Has anyone seen, heard of, or have this problem at all? It feels like I am the only person.

Now the wifi issue, is stuff transfers ungodly slow, it will be connected yet the store, or apps, or any website will not come up. In order to fix the connected but not issue I have to disable the wifi and re-enable, if that doesn't work, reboot it till it does.
Windows Update is currently up to date, only optional update is a driver for my printer(I installed it before and it messed up my print capabilities) so its using a generic windows driver now. Does anyone else have these issues?


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Jun 30, 2015
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I use as well but access it through the mail app without any issues. I went and checked and see the same emails, so basically no issues.

Sorry I wasn't much help, good luck getting it sorted out.

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