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Surface 3 options for text and app size differ from Pro 3


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May 7, 2011
I bought a Surface 3 for family use after carrying a Surface Pro 3 every day since launch for work and personal use. I chose the entry level $499 model for the price but also because my family members rarely multitask on our aging laptop and given that use case I'm betting the 2Gb memory will do fine.

One difference I've noticed from the Pro 3 that I haven't seen commented on in any of the reviews I've read is that the Surface 3 offer only two choices of app and text size under the Display menu where the Surface Pro 3 offers three. Surface 3 has the default size and smaller. Pro 3 has default as well as larger and smaller. It may not make much difference to anyone, but I like the size of the larger live tile of the Photo app on the Surface 3 so much that I adjusted the Pro 3 size from default to larger.

By the way, some may remember when the Pro 3 was released a few bloggers noted a minor design "flaw" in the device: the Windows logo on the right bezel does not align perfectly with the Windows charm when you swipe in. This is really nothing, but those who felt the need to point it out noted that it was the type of thing Apple would not have missed. It turns out that if you adjust the size of apps and text from Default to Larger as I just did, the Windows charm is now perfectly aligned with the logo on the bezel! "Problem" solved. And since the Charms are soon going away, this is a "flaw" that won't bedevil the Surface Pro 4.
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