Surface Go to buy or not to buy question.


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May 11, 2017
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I have a Surface Pro 4 and I'm finding that I'm using office more often now that I've switched my majors and have a laptop to do the rough labor. I'm looking at the Surface Go but there is one problem I just came across.

While using my pro 4 for taking notes with OneNote, its using 99% CPU power and this has me concerned. This never happened before. There are a a few bullets I want to cover before you jump to the question and answer it. (mainly context)

  • I know Windows 10 S is on the Go but I'm wondering if that means updates are less of a hastle. My pro 4 has problems updating (it gets hot and the fan runs wild) so I'm concerned if windows 10 S may have a similar process of getting hot.
  • I know Windows 10 S doesn't really allow any other app on the device to run unless its from the windows store.
  • I know that, upon first reveal of Windows 10 S with surface laptop, windows 10 S is supposed to stay fast and responsive for a very long time as it's optimized and what not.
  • currently I have only used my Pro 4 for college use only (research, programming, office, and heavy OneNote usage).
  • I've had the Pro 4 for 2 years. OneNote is LAGGING, yes you read right, its lagging on my Pro 4. I'm trying to erase some of the letter I wrote and it takes a while to register that I'm wanting to erase things.

My question is, can I expect the Go to perform better than my pro 4 when it comes to office, OneNote, recording Lectures and what not since it has Windows 10 S?

I've already spent enough money as it is so I'm being very cautious and trying to get as much input as I can before I consider buying. Hence the slightly ridiculously large post and rather interesting question. You would think the Pro 4 can handle plenty but its starting to irritate me how slow its getting with me simply using OneNote for the majority of the time this past half a year.

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