Surface Laptop Charger Issue


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Oct 2, 2017
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Will say this is the hardest piece of hardware to find help on as a search pulls up every Surface article since inception.

Noticed that occasionally while the Surface Laptop (SL) is plugged in, I will get an alert my battery is about to die. Seems the power supply turns off by itself or is sent a signal from the SL to not charge. Not sure what the exact issue could be.

I walk over to where my charger is plugged in, the magfit connector is plugged in (actually in the slot, not underneath missing the slot) and the white LED light is out.

I have checked the plug is tight in the outlet, the tail is plugged tight to the power supply, and the magfit is in the right spot on the Surface Laptop. Nothing has bumped it, it was originally charging as it has sat in the same spot for 28 hours or more or anything changed from when I originally connected it and the SL was charging.

The temp fix is to unplug the cord (tail, the cable which is the socket and magfit cord) from the power supply plug it back in, not even touch the connection of the magfit/SL and the white LED turns on and the SL starts charging away. Not something I want to have to do or worry that my SL will not be charged when I need to be mobile.

I have also used my Surface Pro 4 charger on it with the same result. Something tells me the Surface Laptop is responsible as this is happening with two chargers.

Called Microsoft and no idea except to send it in for a replacement. . Don't have the time to do that, was wondering if anyone on here has run into this issue and could shed some light on possible issues.

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