surface laptop studio issues with wake from sleep using USB keyboard


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Jan 2, 2015
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OK so I spent hours talking with Microsoft support, which I thought would be a waste of time, and it was, so I will come to a more helpful/knowledgeable location :)

I upgraded recently from a Surface Pro (2017) to a Surface Laptop Studio. I waffled a lot between it and the Surface Pro 8, but in the end I chose the Laptop studio as for the 10% of the time I'm not docked at my desk, the lapability of the Laptop Studio is just better.

So on to the problem: 90% of the time I use my Surface at my desk, where to save desk space, it resides in a vertical cradle with the lid closed, both when using the Pro (with type cover) and the Laptop Studio. I use the Surface Dock (now Surface Dock 2 - which I bought to go with the Laptop Studio) to connect to my monitor, mouse and keyboard. Now I am using USB-C cable from the dock to my monitor, which has my keyboard and mouse USB cables plugged into the USB-A ports on it (previously with my gen 1 dock and Pro 2017 I used a display port cable and a separate USB cable).

I'm annoyed that I can't power the Laptop Studio on like I did my Pro with using an exterior power button, so now I'm having to take the Laptop Studio out of the cradle, open the lid, press the power button, close the lid and put back in the cradle. It would be great if there was a BIOS option to use wake on USB so that I could use a keyboard combination to power on the device (alternatively MS could have put a power button on the dock like the HP dock I have for my work laptop has).

Since I don't want to be doing that all the time, I have been not turning off the Surface Laptop Studio when I'm done, and instead using Sleep. However, I am having a more frustrating problem in that I am not able to reliably wake the Laptop Studio out of sleep using the (USB) mouse and keyboard, while the device is in its cradle with lid closed.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve either of these two issues???

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