Surface Pro 3 Dock, Outback Solo (WaterField) Case

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Apr 27, 2011
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My Surface Pro 3 died, and I replaced it with a shiny new Surface Book, so I've got a couple things that I won't be needing anymore. I have a Surface Pro 3 docking station (can be used with a SP4 with the spacer that I understand Microsoft will provide free of charge), and an Outback Solo case from WaterField Designs.

I'll leave the listing here exclusively for about a week, but if no one wants it by then, I'll be putting them on eBay.

Item Description: Surface Pro 3 Docking Station
Price: $125
Condition: Very good. Used every day for the past two years, but really, it just sits on the desk, right?
Includes: Surface Pro 3 Docking Station (in original box), and power adapter.
Item Location: Atlanta, Georgia area
Shipping Details: I'll ship it in the US free.
Payment Options: PayPal gift option, or add 10%
Additional Info: Not much to add. It has served me well, but my SP3 died.
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Next up is the WaterField Designs Outback Solo case for the SP3. I don't know if it will fit the SP4 or not, but the Surface Book is definitely too big for it. I love this bag, and have used it for two years, and there is only minor cosmetic marks on it from use. The canvas is VERY heavy, and the leather is 2.0 mm thick (measured with digital calipers. If Indiana Jones had a SP3 to carry around, this is the bag he'd use.

Item Description: WaterField Designs Outback Solo case (see their products at It is identical to this one (, but I think the one they sell now must be bigger, since it says it is for the Surface Book, too.
Price: $75
Condition: Good. The bag is very rugged, and there is no damage to the integrity, just some minor scuff marks as seen in pictures.
Includes: Bag, strap
Item Location: Atlanta, GA area
Shipping Details: Will ship in the US at my expense
Payment Options: PayPal gift option, or 10% additional
Additional Info: Did I say I love this bag?

Contact Info - Send me a PM :D
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