Surface pro 7 brightness auto change setting is hard to disable!


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Oct 9, 2013
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So I bought the latest and greatest surface pro 7 and in just few days I realized the brightness issue that everyone knows about!! (My surface configuration : Core i7 with 16 g ram and 512 ssd, I think this is the highest config available)

Auto brightness change that happens by just changing the background to light to dark and to light and you literally see the brightness goes up and down like crazy.
Before you suggest anything, these are the things I have already tried:

1. Turning off auto-brightness in settings (DID NOT WORK FOR ME)

2. Downloading the Intel app and turn off the auto brightness option under the Power menu. (DID NOT WORK FOR ME)

3. At last, tried to change the value in registry edit for FeatureTestControl registry key change to something which makes this option for the Surface to disable the brightness control. Here I tried to switch the value as per one of the article said from 9240 to 9250 but when I went to edit the value on my computer it had 200!!!
Since I'm from the medical field, I don't know the "0" to "1" value of 200!!
And I know I should not be playing with the registry values like this to make my computer crash!!

So now please help me out here and tell me how to disable this damn auto brightness off once and for all.
Or tell me the value of the 200 to something which disable the brightness auto setting off permanently.

Thank you so much Windows Central for the platform and generous people of the Tech world who are gonna be answering my question!


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May 25, 2011
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It 'used' to be available from the 'old' power configuration menu, back when I switched this stuff off. you need to free Windows 10's control over your power profiles. Then, hopefully, you can change the auto option.

This 'might' still work:

[FONT=&quot]BY EVAN FORREST Last updated April 2, 2019



Start from Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Connected Standby. With Windows 10, this feature has been expanded to the Modern Standby. With modern standby, your system can be in connected standby or disconnected standby depending on hardware support and software configuration.

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[COLOR=rgba(19, 74, 117, 0.7)]1​
What is Modern Standby?[/h]

This modern standby allows your PC instant on/instant off just like you expect to have with your phones. Just like the phone, even in the standby mode, it still remained up-to-date when a Wi-Fi or a suitable network is available.
There are three advantages of using Modern Standby:

  • Instant On/Off: your Windows PC and tablet devices can instantly power on and off just like the way your smartphones do.
  • Background activity while the system is “off”: allows your PC or tablets devices perform the background tasks from Windows Store apps while the system is “off”.
  • Simplified wake story: unlike traditional device wake, with modern standby system waking just require a hardware interrupt.
For more information, you can check Modern Standby at Microsoft MSDN.

[COLOR=rgba(19, 74, 117, 0.7)]2[/COLOR]​
Power Plans on Surface Devices[/h]Every Microsoft Surface devices shipped with a predefined power plan called Balanced with a very few advanced configurations as below:

The limited power configuration in Advanced Settings because of Connected Standby feature that enabled by default on every Surface devices. Those advanced settings are hidden and intelligently managed by Surface. However, if you want to unlock those advanced options, you can do that by following the instruction below:

[COLOR=rgba(19, 74, 117, 0.7)]3[/COLOR]​
How to Unlock Power Plans on Surface Devices[/h]In order to unlock all available power plans and advanced settings, you need to disable connected standby via Registry Editor. To turn off connected standby:

  1. On your type cover, press + R
  2. Type regedit to open Register Editor.
  3. Now you need to go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power“
  4. Double click on “CsEnabled”
  5. Change Value data from “1″ to “0″
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart your computer to apply these changes to your system.
After restarting your computer, now you can access all power plans options including Power saver, Balanced, and High performance.


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