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Surface Pro Gen 1 Type Cover Problems! Can I get some help?

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Surface Pro Gen 1 Type Cover Problems!

Surface 1 Pro Type Keyboard Problems:

No letters between i and m, so no J, K or L.
zxzx is typed when I press either button x or z.
B and w auto tabs sometimes b w .
Usable characters left to right @#$ &*()[{]}\| ??,< missing`~!%^&-_=+;:.>/?
1 when it works automatically adds the forward slash /, it also takes a couple presses. 1/
Direction buttons don't work properly left adds \ and down turns on/off Caps lock.

So weird!

I have cleaned the contacts and the keyboard, everything is in good condition.

I don?t know what to do, please help!

Thank you!

Obviously I cleaned this text up with the built in keyboard, and the trackpad works normally for the most part. That being said I like my keyboard and don't want to pay for a new one or a bluetooth one.


New member
Feb 17, 2012
Re: Surface Pro Gen 1 Type Cover Problems!

Do you have a friend nearby with another Surface 1 Pro type cover? That way, you could check if it is hardware related (keyboard or contacts) or software / firmware related (in which case you could solve the problem with a factory reset). In case nobody in your area has one, try stopping by at a Microsoft store. With a little bit luck, they still may have one laying around for a test.

If it is the former, you'll have no choice but buy a new keyboard. :(

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